Our line of professional roofing services for commercial and residential buildings includes Cool Roofing, Traditional Roofing, Waterproofing, Skylight Installation, Solar Fan Installation, and more!


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Cool Roofing

One of our main specialties is Cool Roofing. A “Cool Roof”  is a industry term that describes a waterproof roofing membrane that reflects heat off the building. The Climate in Hawaii is perfect for “Cool Roofing”. Typically Cool Roofs are liquid applied or they come in a large sheet which is installed over the building. They tend to be lighter in color, but do not need to be white (although white will reflect the most heat). They reflect up to 90% of the suns energy which makes the building interior cooler.


Benefits of Cool Roofing:

Waterproofs building, Reflects Heat which reduces the need for AC of fans, Easy to install over most existing roofing systems which means it typically is the most affordable roofing system available, Cool Roofing isn’t just white. We can tint the products to any color.


Cool Roofing can be installed over existing roofing, or the existing roof can be removed and we can install a Cool Roof. We use the most advanced Cool Roof products on the market, and are always testing new products as they come out.


Here are some of our favorite Cool Roof products we install:

•  White Lava product Line – Tropical Roof Shield (Ceramic Titanium Coating)

•  Hydro Stop

•  Gaco Western Gaco Sil Silicone System



Photovoltaic Roofing

Photovoltaic is a booming industry in Hawaii and is a great solution if you are looking to limit your future utility costs while helping Hawaii become a leader in energy independence. Cool Roof Hawaii works with over a dozen PV contractors throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We have an excellent working relationship with many of Hawaii’s top photovoltaic installers to help insure you have peace of mind when it comes to installing a new roof to facilitate a photovoltaic installation.


Quick tips:

1) Assessing Your Existing Roof:

Before installing a Photovoltaic system, it is important to answer some important questions regarding your existing roof:


•  What is your existing roof’s condition?

•  How old is your existing roof?

•  How much life does your roof have?

•  Does the life of my roof match the life of my PV arrays?

•  How much will it cost to un-install and then re-install panels in the future, if a new roof is needed before the life of my panels are up?


2) Selecting A New Roof:

Photovoltaic panels typically last 25 years. It is very important to have a good roofing system in place to last as long as your PV panels. You do not want to get stuck with the cost of having to pull up panels in order to fix a leak, because of a failing roof system. Cool Roof Hawaii will always give you options on roof systems to help accommodate your style and budget, while recommending roof systems to last as long as your PV.


Cool Roof Hawaii offers many solutions for your roofing need’s to help facilitate PV installation:


3) Picking The Right Roofing Contractor:

Make sure you select a roofer who has experience waterproofing PV penetrations. This is the number one cause of roof leaks when installing PV. Cool Roof Hawaii has waterproofed thousands of residential and commercial PV penetrations and has yet to experience problems with leaks! We are also one of the only roofing contractors in Hawaii that will maintain your roof warranty after PV is installed. This is because of our great relationship with PV contractors! We work hand in hand with the PV installer to insure:


•  Correct and on time scheduling

•  Proper waterproofing procedures

•  Communication with the PV installer on the all the projects specifications

•  Communication with the homeowner to keep them informed of happenings on the project and to help alleviate pressure to the homeowner.



Traditional Roofing

Shake Roof

In a lot of situations Traditional Roofs are still needed or wanted. We also specialize in installing these products:


•  Asphalt Shingles

•  Torch Down and Peel and Stick rolled asphalt roofing

•  Wood roofs: Shake Roofs and Wood shingle systems

•  Metal Roofing Systems which come in numerous styles

•  Single Ply systems: Duro- Last PVC, Firestone TPO, Carlisle, and many others




We also can waterproof just about anything around your home or commercial building. We have waterproofed chimneys, garages, driveways, Industrial floors like Same Club restaurant in Pearl City, to traffic decks, lanais, even a outdoor basketball court above a operating school. We also do a lot of Pedestrian Traffic Coatings and Vehicular Traffic Coatings. If you want the water to stay out, we can come up with a solution to prevent water to enter.




A lot of our customers have skylights on their home and businesses. For a minimal cost we can change out skylights if they are old and leaking. As a licensed roofing contractor, when we do replace a skylight we offer long warranties so the skylight doesn’t leak. Imagine that you can have a warranty for the roof and skylights from the same contractor. No more pointing fingers. We will do it right and take the responsibility for a proper installation.


We offer many choices with skylights. We have fixed skylights, and naturally venting skylights to choose from.



Solar Fans

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Another great way to reduce the temperature in your building is to add Solar Powered fans to the roof. As with skylights being a licensed roofing contractor we can install a solar fan and offer long leak warranties so the solar fan do not leak. Imagine that you can have a warranty for the roof and solar fan from the same contractor. No more pointing fingers between contractors. We will do it right and take the responsibility for a proper installation.



All projects include:

•  Free honest assessments and estimates in writing

•  Quick turn times on proposals and scheduling

•  With all of the above products we can also do custom fabrications, sloping, and carpentry that will be needed to make these systems all work.

•  Repairs — we stop leaks GUARANTEED!


We are experts in finding and stopping even the hardest leaks. Give us a call!



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